ezeClick for Merchants
What is ezeClick?

EzeClick is a fast and easy way for merchants to support payments in a secure manner. EzeClick enables Merchants to provide American Express Card members simple checkout experience for them to complete their online purchase by allowing them to pre-fill customer data such as Card details that will be centrally stored in American Express EzeClick Platform

Who can use EzeClick?

EzeClick functionality is made available to American Express Card members through valid EzeClick registered merchants. Card members having domestic Cards issued by American Express Banking Corp. in India are eligible for EzeClick functionality.

What benefits do I get by enrolling into EzeClick?

Benefit 1: Better customer experience , once registered the customer need not enter Card and other verification details while making online purchases.

Benefit 2: EzeClick works on secure SafeKey platform. All EzeClick transactions will be verified by American Express Safekey, thereby reducing instances of fraud . ( Safekey to be hyperlinked to Safekey webpage)

Benefit 3: Simplified and faster checkout reduces chances of card abandonment , lost transactions thus more business

Benefit 4: No ADDITONAL Cost, Easy to integrate

What are the Program Requirements?

a. Get EzeClick, it is a just a call away -Call us /Email us

b. Become/ should already be an American Express Internet Merchant and should have already accepted Addendum to Terms and Conditions for American Express Card Acceptance on the Internet

c. Complete the required SafeKey certification

How much does EzeClick Online cost?


How long does the Integration take?

Easy Integration, our expectation is that a typical integration would take around 1-2 weeks depending on your (Merchant's) processes and technical expertise.

How do I process a refund?

You can process a refund by logging on to you online Administration account (located at https://vpos.amxvpos.com/ma ) and by looking up-the transaction, this allows merchants to perform partial/complete refunds.

When & how will I get my Payments?

The payments are released to your bank account according to the payment plan that you have been setup under at the time of initial setup.