ezeClick FAQs

What is ezeClick?

American Express® ezeClick is a one ID online payment solution for you. It's a solution that is faster, smarter and secure. It replaces the need to enter Credit Card details with just a single user ID. ezeClick simplifies the checkout process by eliminating the time consuming payment processes, which requires online shoppers like you to fill multiple fields of information, such as Card Number, Expiry Date, Security Code, before a transaction can be completed.

ezeClick allows you to use one ezeClick ID for all future online transactions across all participating merchants. It also provides you an opportunity to sync multiple American Express Cards to your ID so that you can choose separate Cards for different transactions.

Product FAQs

What should I do if my Card has been lost or stolen and I've received a replacement Card with a new Card account number?

If your Card plastic is replaced, please login to your account on the ezeClick website https://www.ezeclick.com and update your Card details.

How does American Express ezeClick keep my information secure and private?

With American Express ezeClick, you can be confident that your information is safe. We treat your personal information as confidential and do not share your information in a manner that differs from our Privacy Policy without your prior consent.

To ensure that your personal information remains confidential, American Express ezeClick uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to transmit and receive your personal information. This technology encrypts or scrambles your personal information in such a manner that it is virtually impossible for anyone other than American Express ezeClick to read it. Additionally, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to help prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. We continually update and test our technology to improve these protections and to ensure the integrity of your personal information.

With American Express ezeClick, you can feel confident your information is safe with us. Click here to read our full Privacy Policy.

What should I do if I forget my ezeClick ID?

Your ezeClick ID is specified by you at the time of registration. For security reasons, we do not allow access to your American Express ezeClick account without a valid ezeClick ID. In case you forget your ezeClick ID, please go to the 'Forgot ezeClick ID' link on home page and complete the 'Forgot ezeClick ID' process. On successfully completing the 'Forgot ezeClick ID' Process, you will receive the ezeClick ID through your registered email address.

Is American Express ezeClick a secured/certified website?

American Express ezeClick is certified by Verisign Inc., one of the leading certifying authorities for website security.

How do I know that no unauthorized payments will be made from my Cards?

You are required to authorize every payment made from your Card. All issuers use 2 factor authentication as per RBI guidelines by leveraging a One-Time-Password (OTP)/Fixed Password for every transaction. Thus ezeClick ensures that every single transaction is authorized by you.

How many Cards can I add to my ezeClick ID?

There is no maximum limit for adding card in your existing ezeClick ID.

Is the ezeClick option available for all American Express Cards?

Registration is open to all SafeKey enabled cards issued on the American Express network in India.

Is there a limit to the number of payments I can make through American Express ezeClick?

There is no limit to the number of payments you can make online, subject to your applicable Card limits.

What should I do if there is an erroneous charge on my Card?

If you have a question regarding the amount billed to you by a particular merchant you know of, you should call the merchant directly. In case you do not recognise a transaction billed to you by a merchant you don't know of,please contact the Card Member Services number mentioned on the reverse of your Card. Any billing dispute has to be raised no later than 90 days from the date of charge.

What proof of payment do I receive?

The payment confirmation reference and the status of transaction are both displayed on the merchant site post transaction completion.

What are the things I should be aware of when using American Express ezeClick?

Your payment is processed in accordance with the merchant and product details provided by you and as such, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is complete, accurate and in line with the terms specified by the merchant.American Express ezeClick will not be accountable if the merchant rejects your payment or if there is a delay in the processing of payments or issues related to supply of goods/service caused in case of any discrepancy in the details specified by you.

How is a payment processed?

Once you enter your ezeClick ID and select a card from list of registered cards and confirm the payment, your payment details are sent to the card issuer for authorization. You cannot cancel a payment post transaction completion confirmation. The payment status is displayed within a few seconds on the ezeClick website. In case the payment is not approved, you will be informed of the reason for your transaction failure.

Can I stop a payment after it has been processed?

American Express ezeClick cannot stop a payment after it has been processed. You will have to contact your merchant for a refund request in this regard.

Can I pay while I am travelling outside India?

Yes. As long as you have internet access and can connect to the American Express ezeClick website,you can continue using this service. However, your billing address must be within India. Since, currently this service is for merchants within India only, all payments must be made in Indian Rupees.

What does it cost to use American Express ezeClick?

American Express ezeClick is a free service offered by American Express.

How do I cancel my American Express ezeClick account?

You can unsubscribe to American Express ezeClick by logging into your account at https://www.ezeclick.com and deleting the Cards on your account. After the last Card is deleted the account will automatically be cancelled. Please note that you will not be able to make any new payments online using ezeClick after you cancel your account. You can however, go back to the ezeClick site and register again at any time that you wish with a new User ID.

Can my supplementary Cardholder create his own user ID?

A supplementary Cardholder can create their own user ID using their Card details. The OTP will be delivered to the email and mobile number registered against that Card number.

How can I pay if I have multiple Cards?

You can register multiple cards on your ezeClick ID. The card set as the 'preferred Card' will be used for payment to pay for the transaction. You can log into your account and change your preferred card at any time.

Will my ID be disabled if I don't use ezeClick for 3 months?

No. Your user ID will be active until you delete all the Cards from your e-wallet.

What happens if I enter my ezeClick ID incorrectly?

After third invalid ezeClick ID attempt, it will decline the transaction and redirects back to the merchant site.

Can I use ezeClick for transactions on all serving establishments?

You can use ezeClick only on ezeClick participating merchants.

Please provide the list of serving establishments of ezeClick.

You can view the list of ezeClick enabled merchants here .

Post entering ezeClick option for American Express; can I make payment without ezeClick registration?

Yes, when you select the ezeClick option before entering your existing ID or creating your new ID you can click on 'continue without ezeClick'. If however you start your payment or registration process you will need to complete the process. If previously unregistered, your ezeClick account registration will be completed along with the transaction itself.

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