ezeClick for Merchants
Join the online shopping revolution.

Presenting ezeClick - a revolutionary online shopping experience that will take your American Express customers on a joyride every time they indulge. This next generation shopping companion is lightning fast, incredibly smart and extremely secure. Discover ezeClick to grow your online business.

Why ezeClick makes complete business sense for you

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ezeClick gives your American Express customers a fast, easy and seamless shopping experience. It facilitates fewer transaction declines, prevents accidental drop offs and reduces the chances of cart abandonment. ezeClick is easy to access anywhere and allows your customers to shop on impulse, even when they are not carrying their American Express Card!

Safe and secure

All ezeClick transactions come with enhanced fraud protection as they are 100% verified by American Express Safekey. It also makes your customers feel secure on your website as they don't have to reveal their Card details, and all their transactions can be done through one unique ezeClick ID.

Smarter and Faster

With user ID of choice, vis-a-vis a 15-digit Card number, ezeClick is a faster option as it reduces the transaction time significantly. The opportunity to sync multiple American Express Cards makes it the smarter payment option.
How to get ezeClick

American Express brings ezeClick to you at NO additional cost. ezeClick is simple to integrate without making any significant changes to your existing processes or systems. Complete integration and testing takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

For more details, email us at ezeclick@americanexpress.co.in